d3m.primitive_interfaces.supervised_learning module

class d3m.primitive_interfaces.supervised_learning.SupervisedLearnerPrimitiveBase(*, hyperparams, random_seed=0, docker_containers=None, volumes=None, temporary_directory=None)[source]

Bases: d3m.primitive_interfaces.base.PrimitiveBase

A base class for primitives which have to be fitted on both input and output data before they can start producing (useful) outputs from inputs.


Primitive’s metadata. Available as a class attribute.


Primitive’s logger. Available as a class attribute.


Hyperparams passed to the constructor.


Random seed passed to the constructor.


A dict mapping Docker image keys from primitive’s metadata to (named) tuples containing container’s address under which the container is accessible by the primitive, and a dict mapping exposed ports to ports on that address.


A dict mapping volume keys from primitive’s metadata to file and directory paths where downloaded and extracted files are available to the primitive.


An absolute path to a temporary directory a primitive can use to store any files for the duration of the current pipeline run phase. Directory is automatically cleaned up after the current pipeline run phase finishes.

docker_containers = None[source]
hyperparams = None[source]
random_seed = None[source]
temporary_directory = None[source]
volumes = None[source]