Core Package Installation

This package works with Python 3.6 and pip 19+. On Debian/Ubuntu you should have the following packages installed on the system:

  • libyaml-dev

You can install latest stable version from PyPI:

$ pip3 install d3m

To install latest development version:

$ pip3 install -e git+

When cloning a repository, clone it recursively to get also git submodules:

$ git clone --recursive

Primitives Installation

Installing only the core package is not very useful on its own. To get started, you should also install common primitives which include many glue primitives:

$ apt-get install build-essential libopenblas-dev libcap-dev ffmpeg
$ pip3 install python-prctl
$ pip3 install -e git+

To use sklearn estimators they have to be wrapped into primitives (e.g., to document hyper-parameters in a machine-readable way). Some of them have already been wrapped and are available as sklearn-wrap primitives:

$ pip3 install -e git+

The index of all published primitives is available here. You can also use MARVIN to explore primitives.


For more information how to install primitives consult this HOWTO.


After primitives are installed through a Python package they are automatically available to be used in Python (and pipelines). See HOWTO for details how this works.

Now that you have the core package and basic primitives installed, you can try to write and run your own pipeline.