class d3m.container.numpy.ndarray(input_array, metadata=None, *, dtype=None, order=None, generate_metadata=False, check=True, source=None, timestamp=None)[source]

Bases: numpy.ndarray

Extended numpy.ndarray with the metadata attribute.

  • input_array – Anything array-like to create an instance from. Including lists and standard numpy arrays.

  • metadata (d3m.metadata.base.DataMetadata) – Optional initial metadata for the top-level of the array, or top-level metadata to be updated if input_array is another instance of this array class.

  • dtype – Any object that can be interpreted as a numpy data type.

  • order – Row-major (C-style) or column-major (Fortran-style) order.

  • generate_metadata – Automatically generate and update the metadata.

  • check – DEPRECATED: argument ignored.

  • source – DEPRECATED: argument ignored.

  • timestamp – DEPRECATED: argument ignored.

Return type


metadata: d3m.metadata.base.DataMetadata[source]

Metadata associated with the array.