exception d3m.exceptions.AlreadyExistsError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Something which should not exist already exists.

exception d3m.exceptions.ColumnNameError[source]

Bases: KeyError

Table column with name not found.

exception d3m.exceptions.DatasetNotFoundError[source]

Bases: FileNotFoundError, d3m.exceptions.NotFoundError

Provided dataset URI cannot be resolved to a dataset.

exception d3m.exceptions.DatasetUriNotSupportedError[source]

Bases: d3m.exceptions.NotSupportedError

Provided dataset URI is not supported.

exception d3m.exceptions.DigestMismatchError[source]

Bases: d3m.exceptions.MismatchError

A digest does not match the expect digest.

exception d3m.exceptions.DimensionalityMismatchError[source]

Bases: d3m.exceptions.MismatchError

Dimensionality mismatch occurs in array computations.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidArgumentTypeError[source]

Bases: TypeError

Provided argument to the function is invalid in type.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidArgumentValueError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Provided argument to the function is invalid in value.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidDatasetError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Dataset is invalid.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidMetadataError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Metadata is invalid.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidPipelineError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Pipeline is invalid.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidPipelineRunError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Pipeline run is invalid.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidPrimitiveCodeError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Primitive does not match standard API.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidProblemError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Problem description is invalid.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidReturnTypeError[source]

Bases: TypeError

Type of the returned value from the function is invalid.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidReturnValueError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Returned value from the function is invalid.

exception d3m.exceptions.InvalidStateError[source]

Bases: AssertionError

Program ended up in an invalid or unexpected state, or a state does not match the current code path.

exception d3m.exceptions.MismatchError[source]

Bases: ValueError

A value does not match expected value.

exception d3m.exceptions.MissingValueError[source]

Bases: ValueError

The required value has not been provided.

exception d3m.exceptions.NotFoundError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Something requested could not be found.

exception d3m.exceptions.NotSupportedError[source]

Bases: RuntimeError

Functionality is not supported.

exception d3m.exceptions.NotSupportedVersionError[source]

Bases: RuntimeError

This version is not supported.

exception d3m.exceptions.PermissionDeniedError[source]

Bases: RuntimeError

No permissions to do or access something.

exception d3m.exceptions.PrimitiveNotFittedError[source]

Bases: d3m.exceptions.InvalidStateError

The primitive has not been fitted.

exception d3m.exceptions.ProblemNotFoundError[source]

Bases: FileNotFoundError, d3m.exceptions.NotFoundError

Provided problem URI cannot be resolved to a problem.

exception d3m.exceptions.ProblemUriNotSupportedError[source]

Bases: d3m.exceptions.NotSupportedError

Provided problem URI is not supported.

exception d3m.exceptions.SamplingError[source]

Bases: ArithmeticError

Error during sampling.

exception d3m.exceptions.SamplingNotPossibleError[source]

Bases: d3m.exceptions.SamplingError

Sampling is not possible.

exception d3m.exceptions.StepFailedError[source]

Bases: RuntimeError

Running a pipeline step failed.

exception d3m.exceptions.UnexpectedTypeError[source]

Bases: TypeError

Type occurred not in a fixed list of possible or supported types, e.g., during parsing of data with expected schema.

exception d3m.exceptions.UnexpectedValueError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Value occurred not in a fixed list of possible or supported values, e.g., during parsing of data with expected schema.